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The “Curious pleasures of Ainsley T”

This time “Jarina Schrijft” and “Mijn Eigen Stijl” join hands because of the trip to the Shoemuseum in Waalwijk (thanks for the invite Inge!) for the Meet&Greet with Stuart Thom, the designer of “The curious pleasures of Ainsley T”. You still do not know what we are talking about?

Stuart Thom is the designer of Ainsley T, shoes for your erotic life. When you think of erotic shoes, the first thing that comes to mind are the trashy tacky killer see-through-heels we all know. But Stuart takes a completely different angle. He works in Milan with the best quality leathers and his shoes are, though very explicit, beautiful pieces of art.  We kicked on the concealed platforms, the beautifully processed lace and the corsetbooties.

We made a short clip of Stuart talking passionately about his designs and how they can spice up your erotic life:

Deze diashow vereist JavaScript.

http://www.schoenenmuseum.nl, http://www.ainsley-t.com