A (g)love story…..

I suddenly felt very happy when I saw those fairy tale leather lace gloves, a friend of mine shared on facebook, so I decided to post the picture on my page to share the happiness. Then the designer, Riina Õun, thanked me for posting. We exchanged some messages and decided to do an asynchronic interview. Here it is:

Photo by Raigo Tõnisalu

Photo by Raigo Tõnisalu

Riina is the creative director, designer and head maker of Riina O, the luxury leather accessories label, concentrating on hand stitched leather gloves.
She likes to find inspiration from the most unusual places and unconventional sources of inspiration that stand very far from her finished product. “Would it be some cracked paint on the wall or weirdly shaped trees. I enjoy translating the inspiration into the visual language of accessories design. I also admire the style and elegance of the bygone days, incorporating it with the advantages of modern technology”.

Riina has a degree of leather art and accessories design from the Estonian Art Academy. After finishing her studies she worked as a designer and maker of leather accessories for several years. She worked with several London creatives and fashion brands, Meadham Kirchhoff and Ruuger to name a few. In 2013 Riina started her company Riina O, a luxury accessories brand. Riina O concentrates on handstitched leather gloves.

Photo by Riina O

Photo by Riina O

“We have recently released our Spring/Summer 14 collection of leather lace gloves. As the brand is still so young, my first goal is to properly introduce the company to stockists and clients and hopefully next year we will be able to make it to the tradefair and into some well known publications.
Furthermore I would like to teach the skills of hand stitching gloves to more people to keep the tradition alive and bring back the elegance of wearing well fitting hand made leather gloves. The goal is to keep growing organically”.

Riina’s personal top 5  (“My top5 list is about London, as Riina O is based here”)

  1.  I love living in London, so it is definitely my top place to be. London is bursting of exciting things to do, amazing places to spend time at, food to sample and diversity to get inspired of!
  2. London is full of great restaurants and food from all over the world. One of my favourite place offers something extra on top of the tastes and calories – Aqua Shard restaurant on the 31st level of the Shard boosts spectacular views over the town.
  3. Roaming around London and its diverse signposts – from luxury quarters to the villagey feel of the metropol surrounded by historic monuments.
  4. Large choice of culture the city offers with its theatres, art galleries and museums, street installations and festivals. My favourite are the top art and fashion exhibitions that spring up all around the town – at Tate Modern, Somerset House, Design Museum, National Portrait Gallery, etc.
  5. Getting away from the town – when it all gets too much there is noting better than getting away for a while, be it to the countryside or a different country alltogether.

Saving up for a pair of real Riina O’s now! Thank you Riina 😉



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